Michael Woods Sound

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Sound Designer & Engineer

Rejsen - Sound Designer - Teatre Nordkraft, Denmark.

Installed at Teater Nordkraft,  Denmark, there were no actors present and the show relied heavily on Sound, Set, Projection and Props to tell the tale. Michael enjoyed the particular challenges involved including recording performers speaking Danish to create vocal tracks and creating the immersive sound scape to draw the audience into the action through their own imaginations.


Co-operating with a group of theatre designers they created an imaginary world inside a large studio space  where the audience makes their way through 'experience zones' as the promenade performance evolves following Elvira and Sixtens 'Journey'.


The Story is well known in Denmark and we are pleased to have brought it home. The current show was inspired and has grown from  the work of  the designers and technicians who form the creative partnership (alongside the Dramaturg Jakob Jorgensen) and  who for their 'examined' final performance  (for their Technical Theatre Degrees at Guildhall School  of Music and Drama) created 'The Journey' in 2015 based on the same story. 

The current show is produced as a professional production by Teater Nordkraft, Aarlborg.  






London based Freelance Sound Engineer and Designer. 

A musical background, practical experience and technical theatre degree training enables Michael to create audio solutions that provide a well balanced intelligible sound. His attention to detail ensures reliability and quality. 

Creating immersive designs he aims for perfection and will not settle for less.

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