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Pure Imagination : Sound Operator


There is a cast of superb performers and an excellent showband who really do justice to this showcase of the Music of Leslie Bricusse, but you dont have to believe me the reviews are in and they are unanimous in their applause for the show.

If you love great Music this is the show you need to get along and see.

Traffic Light Theatre Goer Review 

For anyone with a tad of interest in the development of musical theatre or just out for a showstopper-packed night out, this is a must-see.

Stage Review Review  

The cast give faultless performances, their huge voices filling the auditorium. 
Pure Imagination defies explanation. It’s just a magical, enthralling night’s entertainment.

The Reviews Hub Review

Pure Imagination is a nostalgic trip through 50 years of song-writing which allows a lifetime of film to flash before your eyes.

Johnathan Baz Reviews Review

Bricusse, Tarento and Renshawe have created a confection of a show that blends nostalgia with a generous splash of excellence.

Sardines Magazine Review 

This show brings every emotion to the surface and can be summed up by a quote from an audience member at the press night – “This is what you get when you have great material and then add talent”. 

The Stage Review

Pure Imagination celebrates a master craftsman in Bricusse and his uncanny ability to adapt to a variety of musical styles in turn helped both define and inspire a generation.


Dave Willetts, Siobhan McCarthy, Julie Atherton, Niall Sheehy, Giles Terera


Chris Renshaw

Music by

Leslie Bricusse


Danielle Tarento

Lighting Designer

Derek Anderson


Mike Thacker



London based Freelance Sound Engineer and Designer. 

A musical background, practical experience and technical theatre degree training enables Michael to create audio solutions that provide a well balanced intelligible sound. His attention to detail ensures reliability and quality. 

Creating immersive designs he aims for perfection and will not settle for less.

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