Michael Woods Sound

+447757 165443

Sound Designer & Engineer

'South Downs' and 'The Browning Version'

Michael selected music  to set the scene and era for each of the two  plays set in schools which were separated by an intermission. Live recordings were made in a school and quiet bird song were used to create the sound scape. An  old school handbell was sourced, recorded and used live by an actor at one point to great effect drawing the audience closer to the action. This play included some excellent unaccompanied singing in chorus by the cast, amplified by stage microphones for effect. A ticking clock in both plays was used to show the passing of time and as an audible link between the 2 plays drawing them closer together.


London based Freelance Sound Engineer and Designer. 

A musical background, practical experience and technical theatre degree training enables Michael to create audio solutions that provide a well balanced intelligible sound. His attention to detail ensures reliability and quality. 

Creating immersive designs he aims for perfection and will not settle for less.

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