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Sound Designer & Engineer

Technical Theatre Arts ( Technology)  Graduate     Guildhall School of Music and Drama.

Sound Engineering & Design


My musical background, practical experience and technical theatre degree training enable me to create audio solutions that provide a well balanced sound.


Striving for perfection, I will not settle for less, vocal intelligibility is always at the forefront of my engineering.

I'm a Graduate member of the Association of Sound Designers.

I'm a Graduate member of the Association of Sound Designers.

"Michael's technical knowledge, attention to detail and trained musician's ear makes him the perfect sound technician for live theatre shows."
Simon Byrne Musical Director

Please contact me to discuss working with your production team to provide sound reinforcement tailored to your performance needs.  Discover my show work and read feedback from critics, colleagues and audience members on this page.

Sound Designer  -  Fables For A Boy

28th March to 24th April 2016


Sound Operator - The Pianist of Willesden Lane

 Installation and Operation of  Erik Carstersen's Sound Design.

Sound Operator - Red Riding Hood 

Installation and operation of Tom Lishman's  sound design

Feedback from Cast Members

"I would like to highlight and endorse the brilliant work of Mike Woods - the lone sound operator on Red Riding Hood at Greenwich Theatre.   Mike is exceptional, not just in his professional approach to working the sound desk but in his personable approach to ensuring the performer and musician is offered an exceptional level of support."  Martin Johnston - Actor (Herr Brush)
"One of the Best Sound Operators I have ever had the pleasure of working with." Alim Jayda - Actor (Piggy Smalls)

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Broadway Baby ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  'Universally exceptional.You sense you’re getting your money’s worth and seeing much more than just a "local panto" with the high production values on display.'

MonsterGigz ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  'Greenwich Theatre’s <Panto> is definitely amongst the best we’ve ever seen.'

The Stage  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  "A riotous pantomime with a festive sprinkling of politics makes for a memorable, jolly show."

Sound Designer / Sound Operator    'Glaswegian Beauty'  

 4 stars ★ ★ ★ ★ by Musical Theatre.com       

"Mac delivers a deceptively powerful light tenor with a stupendous belt that suits the character perfectly, and thanks to some great sound balance from Mike Woods, reverberates around both floors of the well-appointed Milton Court."

Audience iPhone Recording 

Cast and Crew Photo - &nbsp;Guys and Dolls &nbsp;- Silk Street Theatre.

Cast and Crew Photo -  Guys and Dolls  - Silk Street Theatre.

Production Sound Engineer

Guys and Dolls

Implementation of design by industry leading sound designer  Gareth Owen

Technical Rehearsal - &nbsp;Milton Court Theatre&nbsp;

Technical Rehearsal -  Milton Court Theatre 

Production Sound Engineer

 The Three Sisters

Implementation of design by industry leading sound designers  Colin Pink and Helen Skiera

Sound Number 1 - Pure Imagination. 

Installation and operation of Mike Thacker's sound design.

Comments on 'Sound' via twitter:

@Krisp06 - Trevor Chenery - Development Producer for music-theatre and TV Projects

"Thanks to @MikeWoods_Sound .... every note and word could be clearly heard."

@LauraJane47 Laura Jane Matthewson - Actress / Singer.    

"Was just telling my Soundie boyfriend how excellent the sound was last night!..Lovin' your work."

"Michael is highly intelligent, extremely musical, and the sort of person who works his butt off without ever complaining.  He is a great guy, and has a real artistic vision."   

Tom Seligman   Freelance Conductor -  Royal Ballet, English National Ballet, Birmingham Royal Ballet, New York City Ballet and Kensington Chamber Orchestra

Sound Designer : Hamlet 

Review:   "Light and Sound from Jack Weir and Mike Woods ...striking and moody ..  balance spot on between visual and emotional impact." 
Views from The Gods 
Review "Walls of prison bars are moved in sync, between hands, partnered with music and lighting to create a brooding and dangerous atmosphere." 
A Younger Theatre Review

Sound Number 1 : 'Songs For A New World'

Installation and operation of Mike Thacker's Sound Design.


Online review :  "Whilst writing this review of “Songs for a New World”, I’ve been listening to the original Off-Broadway album, and while it’s great, it is not a patch on the production I saw last night."

Complimentary tweet about sound: 

@chrismi1: Avid Consumer of theatre and the performing arts.  

'Hi Mike, one thing that struck me last night was how good the sound balance was. Perfect band volume with every vocal clear.'


Sound Designer: Her Naked Skin -  Silk Street Theatre, London

Design Notes:  I  immersed the audience into the performance by dividing the stage into zones. All performers used 'transmitter body packs' with microphones hidden in their hairline.  Careful programming and speaker placement enabled each individual's vocal to be routed at differing volume to each speaker, enabling their vocals to appear to come from their exact position whether stationary or moving between zones and the amplification to be imperceptible to the audience.  

"Mike is a highly talented and hard-working theatre technician. He has managed the technical team twice for RicNic Hampshire. I was very impressed, as were colleagues, with Mike's command not only of technical theatre, but of the skills required to lead a team." 

Ben Nicholls  Founder and Trustee of RICNIC Charity

Sound Designer:  South Downs and The Browning Version

Some audience feedback: The personal abilities on stage, and the competence levels of everyone else working unseen, were of the highest order. This is possibly the best theatrical experience I have ever had.'

Sound Design Notes:  The two plays were  both set in public schools but some years apart. Before each play commenced,  I used appropriate music to set the scene and era.  Recording quiet bird song and visiting a school  to record children at work and play enabled the creation of a realistic  sound scape.  Sourcing an old school handbell, I recorded this as a sound effect and incorparated it live used by an actor at one point to great effect. Some excellent unaccompanied singing in chorus, by the cast was re-inforced imperceptibly by stage microphones.  I used a ticking clock in both plays to show the passing of time and as an audible link between plays. Installing a wireless speaker into a phone on a desk, allowed the phone to be rung on queue and the sound to come from the phone.

"He very capably manages our complex sound requirements; This, coupled with the fact that he is a very gregarious, personable and enthusiastic individual, we feel very lucky to have him on our team. Everybody enjoys working with him. 
For our 2012 show, he specified personal mixing and in-ear monitoring for our live band for the first time. This transformed the overall quality of our front of house mix, enabled each of our musicians to get their fold-back mixes just right, and allowed him to focus on mixing the show for the audience. This is just one of many examples of Mike's creative approach and dedication to perfection that contributes to us delivering a highly polished and professional production."
Simon Byrne Musical Director

Sound Designer  - The Journey

Promenade Theatre Experience

A 15 minute show filled with scenes of lighting, sound and video supported by scenery and props depicting the story of  two characters which the audience could traverse through as the story unfolded.

The Milton Court Theatre Studio  was laid out in an innovative fashion that allowed multiple scenes to be played out in various closed-off sections of the space.  


London based Freelance Sound Engineer and Designer. 

A musical background, practical experience and technical theatre degree training enables Michael to create audio solutions that provide a well balanced intelligible sound. His attention to detail ensures reliability and quality. 

Creating immersive designs he aims for perfection and will not settle for less.

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